Just for summer, the brand offers the IKKS man six original T-shirts. Six colours and three distinctive worlds that reflect each of the three groups. ENEMIES, BLACKFEET REVOLUTION & LYS These young French groups, well-known on the Parisian scene, have been making a splash at festivals and on the most famous underground stages of the European capitals for several months now. Plunge into their English lyrics and pop-rock melodies, sometimes tinged with electro, and you won’t be able to forget the names of the three albums by these groups that pay tribute to Shakespeare’s tongue, as they only sing in English. The Dawn, Feel it burn, & In my mind Their music is marked by pared-down melodies and other rock inspirations, which the brand loved. IKKS Men creates its own fashion, offers a style and stands out. IKKS discovered them and decided to voluntarily set off to conquer a new target by releasing T-shirts with finely worked designs, sold in exclusive packaging. The T-shirts With these iconic, minimal and stylised rock T-shirts that take up stage visuals, the singer and the album covers of these groups, IKKS has entered a promising partnership. This influential trend to spice up the ready-to-wear collections with up-and-coming music bands allows IKKS Men to define a new style in its turn and be «in da move». The record sleeves A record sleeve accompanies the T-shirt to remind us that 70s rock is far from has-been. A graphic design on the back of the sleeve purposely features the model of a CD.
This summer, the IKKS Men ready-to-wear collection offers an eclectic wardrobe interwoven with savvy chic sport, urban, navy, preppy and army references. These multiple influences ensure contemporary yet simple cuts for the men’s clothing line. The materials are comfortable and incredibly chic for an urban feel often underlined with a sporty touch. For this collection, the IKKS men’s brand reveals dressier pieces for a style that will last over the next few seasons. Chic & Urban The men’s collection is comprised of a trendy urban wardrobe set off with effects of materials and details. Each ensemble features a key fashion-forward piece combined with other articles: the nylon trench with a false plain motif, the polka-dot cardigan with elbow patches or the striped sailor top with its button placket. As for the colours, red, colour blocks of blue, beige, faded pink, whitened grey and gradations of blue and camel will add a cheerful touch to warm summer days. A men’s collection with preppy influences and an army spirit The preppy spirit of private London clubs takes over the men’s collection, revamped with the influence of vintage military wear from the 1950s. In the spotlight: men’s clothing in pre-washed and worn-out materials for an authentic look. Highlights of the collection: the single-breasted beige trench coat, ideal for cooler summer evenings. Sporty chic menswear A sporty chic wardrobe composed of black and grey colour blocks, set off by white, also leaves its mark on the men’s summer 2012 collection. The focus is on comfortable yet refined materials for an urban style. A black sport wardrobe makes a statement with delicate finishes (pinpoint stitching), tone-on-tone embroidered badges and leather additions. Men can count on an authentic and chic summer in 2012!
A day by the sea, an afternoon in the city, a spin in the countryside and romantic summer evenings: the IKKS woman opts for different styles to enjoy authentic looks. This summer 2012 collection cleverly mixes an urban style with a seaside touch and rock feel, infused with a rebellious, neo-surplus spirit. This season, pastel colours are a must for most of the complete looks and, once again, leathers set the tone for the collection. Sailor Spirit The wardrobe features bluish shades for a gentle departure from winter. The early season outfits have a marine inspiration with a twist for an urban look. Relaxed, casual chic spring wear notably features a structured 'trompe l’œil' dress with a shirt collar. And to stay stylish even during cool evenings, the coated linen trench is a must. Finally, the IKKS woman adds a Bohemian touch to her day look by accessorising her outfit with the Farmer Bag, which boasts an original shape and soft, natural feel. The adventurer This summer, the fighting spirit that IKKS loves is reinterpreted with a feminine touch thanks to lace and an ethnic print over silk voile, worked with raw-seam finishes. The adventurer woman transforms into… Lady Safari. Beige is a burst of sunlight amongst the surrounding paleness, set off by an off-white and vivid red. Flowing cuts embrace the body, while a safari jacket adds structure. The look is finalised with a Far West touch provided by a leather belt and its holster. As always, at the end of winter, the IKKS woman is equipped to take on the urban jungle!
At IKKS, girls and boys make a perfect pair this summer! A mischievous attitude and a bold look! With hands stuck jauntily in their pockets, our kids show off variations of stripes. Polos, cardigans and vests are striped, dominated by navy: with maxi-stripes or an Oshkosh effect, the codes stay faithful to summer themes. Baby (3-24 months) As always, the dress code is chic and casual for the baby collection with comfortable and elegant clothing. For boys and girls alike, there are multiple inspirations for a summer wardrobe: a retro marine spirit, Bohemian floral vintage and springtime ceremonies. The must-have pieces of this summer 2012 collection: for him, an essential knit vest and short coveralls in embroidered check. For her, a trench coat and small floppy straw hat, ideal for splashing about in the sea. Kid Girl (2-12 year-olds) This summer, girls look like princesses, especially with the star item of the season: the indispensable white dress! But they also show off an English tomboy side that suits them to a tee. With their mini schoolbags complete with shoulder straps, girls take on a sassy look, although the dark jeans and tomboy-style shirt remain musts of the collection. In terms of colours, the spotlight is on navy, white and blue for the prints and camel, grey and pale pink for the summer palette, not to mention all-over bows on several pieces. Kid Boy (2-14 year-olds) Boys also revel in an offbeat British look. Oversized, faded flag images, navy badges and a shirt with Union Jack cut-outs… Boys make the most of the English pop trend. In a more casual style, the colourful beachwear wardrobe also invites kids to get away with «all-over» Hawaiian prints, tropical animals and embroidered palm trees. Junior Girl (8-18 year-olds) A casual, urban world for daily-wear clothing. Young girls opt for a softer look and trade in their rock ‘n’ roll charms for romantic pieces with comfortable, flowing shapes. Ranges of black, anthracite, grey, white and navy are completed by powdery pink, raspberry and red to spice up the looks. Junior Boy (8-18 year-olds) This summer, junior boys go for an urban rock ensemble. Their original, relaxed style ensures chic daily looks. A city spirit runs through the collection with revamped basics: T-shirts with offbeat rock prints. A preppy ambiance also reigns over the collection. The wardrobe mixes a casual style with finely worked details in a navy and anthracite palette set off with dashes of red and camel to accentuate the urban feel of the summer line.