IKKS turns 30 collection
         In the prime of life, IKKS is celebrating its identity through a pure rock kids' clothing collection! IKKS has fully embraced its stylistic maturity, allowing kids to make it their own through iconic pieces with a twist: children's sailor tops, girl's dresses, boy's jeans, etc. Fashion Instagrammers and bloggers have fallen for these punk inspired kid's clothing looks taken straight from the streets of 1970s London. The result is Free and spontaneous outfits that are impossible to resist. Le blog de Marion styled little Daphné in the girl's sailor top and jeans, both of which are decorated with rock’mantic roses. Marion adds the perfect finishing touch to Daphné's look with a custom bomber jacket. Whether in the city or countryside, Cerise de Pomverte also chooses the kid's sailor top and girl's jeans. The studded biker jacket completes her outfit to perfection for a totally rock style. Gina from Doris' blog was also won over by the vintage-style roses on the girl's sailor top and those embroidered on the children's jeans. It makes the perfect outfit for a stroll along the beach. With a patched dip-dye boy's sailor top, children's black distressed rock-style jeans and boy's black tiger print bomber jackets, IKKS boys have not been forgotten in the IKKS is 30 children's clothing collection. Anatole from the blog Les Moustachoux slips on boy's patched jeans, a printed T-shirt and a pair of trainers, all set for an afternoon at the skatepark. While Mirko from Choufleur la jolie paillette sports a cool urban look, wearing the boy's sailor top, jeans and the boy's bomber jacket. Available in sizes ranging from babies to teens, young and old alike can enjoy the IKKS is 30 collection. One thing is certain: IKKS has kept its childlike spirit to create fashion that is original, fun and 100% rock!
Customize your bombers !
              Step into autumn with customized children’s bomber jackets! This season, IKKS is offering your children their favourite message embroidered on THE item of the season. Girls’ khaki bomber jacket with stars or boys’ navy blue bomber jacket: 2 models or 2 blank pages to express their personality. With a large selection of thread colours, two available fonts and up to 20 characters, our France-based embroiderers are set to bring your creativity to life on the back of your child’s bomber jacket. Available for ages 2 to 18, parents and children alike will be tempted by the girls’ and boys’ bomber jacket. Whether for themselves or their children, our favourite fashion influencers have let their imaginations run free. Le blog de Marion chose the customized girls’ bomber jacket with “Daphné” embroidered in gold to keep her little Dadou warm, yet stylish. Claire Shado and Paola have also fallen for the girls’ bomber jacket with their names embroidered in white to boost their new season look. Mischievous partners-in-crime, Marius and Louison, the children of our blogger Minireyve, were also sporting the embroidered bomber jacket when they went back to school. As for Cerise de Pomverte, she’ll be wearing the girls’ bomber jacket embroidered with “Cerichou” to keep warm this autumn. One thing is certain, everyone agrees that the IKKS girls’ and boys’ bomber jackets are the perfect look for this season.