Just for summer, the brand offers the IKKS man six original T-shirts. Six colours and three distinctive worlds that reflect each of the three groups.


These young French groups, well-known on the Parisian scene, have been making a splash at festivals and on the most famous underground stages of the European capitals for several months now. Plunge into their English lyrics and pop-rock melodies, sometimes tinged with electro, and you won’t be able to forget the names of the three albums by these groups that pay tribute to Shakespeare’s tongue, as they only sing in English.

The Dawn, Feel it burn, & In my mind

Their music is marked by pared-down melodies and other rock inspirations, which the brand loved. IKKS Men creates its own fashion, offers a style and stands out. IKKS discovered them and decided to voluntarily set off to conquer a new target by releasing T-shirts with finely worked designs, sold in exclusive packaging.

The T-shirts

With these iconic, minimal and stylised rock T-shirts that take up stage visuals, the singer and the album covers of these groups, IKKS has entered a promising partnership. This influential trend to spice up the ready-to-wear collections with up-and-coming music bands allows IKKS Men to define a new style in its turn and be «in da move».

The record sleeves

A record sleeve accompanies the T-shirt to remind us that 70s rock is far from has-been. A graphic design on the back of the sleeve purposely features the model of a CD.