The best of IKKS music in a playlist

What would Great Britain be without its English breakfast, its cup of tea, its Queen, but especially without its rock music? The world has envied the UK for decades for the quality of its bands and singers. 

Heading to Liverpool with the Fab Four

It began in the 1960s, with Liverpool at its epicentre. The Beatles and the indefatigable Lennon/McCartney duo produced hit after hit, such as “Come Together” or “Here Comes The Sun”, while in London, a certain Mick Jagger made boys and girls’ hearts flutter with his band The Rolling Stones. 

Punk or pop, why choose?

Ever since that time, all young Londoners have danced to the rhythm of crazy electric guitars. Next came the Sex Pistols and their customised leather jackets. Their angry music shocked parents while teenagers loved it. In the 90s, the Britpop war raged between Oasis and Blur – which would become the greatest pop band in the world? It’s also impossible to forget The Libertines, worthy descendants of The Clash. Before you head off to London, start to listen the best of IKKS music broadcasted in our boutiques !